The art of navigation

On the go on the seven seas, with our eyes peeled: we hold our nose to the wind to pick up exciting smells, and discover delights and sensations for you and your guests. Your personal preferences set the coordinates and our course. Every detail of a memorable event needs to be just right. From catering and service to the framework programme. We will accompany you on an exclusive, tasteful journey. In doing so, we brave every storm and overcome every obstacle.


Quality takes us to our destination

We sell outstanding products. Sparkling cavas, exuberant wines and popular comforts for the colder season. You order it, we provide it without delay. Find out what we have in stock for you!


With fantasy and finesse

Always in search of new dream destinations for the culinary happening! We develop solutions in the form of catering concepts for markets and events of all kinds. With this we inspire and spoil people. Some of our concepts have been popular for years!


Full speed ahead into the thick of it

Important events call for careful planning. We turn every location into a venue for pure experiences. Neither wind nor rain can get in our way. Celebrate with your guests carefree and soak up the atmosphere. When we pull the anchor, we leave the well-known shipping channel and head for fascinating destinations. Gastronomic, spectacular and full of enthusiasm. As the navigator, you set the course and we will take you there.


Pleasure is the wind in the sails

With our sophisticated offering, culinary delights know no bounds. Nothing is too difficult or too cumbersome. You can rely on our recommendations and place your trust in our strong intuition. Selected ingredients such as inspiration, creativity and plenty of hard work make up the recipe for success without limits. Be inspired and leave the rest to us. We put just as much care into creating our menus as we do into looking for the accompanying drinks.

Staff Agency

Pulling on the same rope

Those seeking to hold their own event or campaign will need storm-ready temporary staff. We would be happy to find you experienced and friendly specialists for any occasion. To serve or distribute, to supervise or inspect, or to prepare culinary delights. Have we forgotten anything? Your wish is our command.

Our Clients