With a sophisticated palate and strong intuition

Harbour House creates worlds of enjoyment and enriches popular markets throughout Switzerland – or your private event. We take guests to the far north, to Mediterranean regions or the Wild West. But also the local food is not neglected. Each brand stands for a clear concept from aperitif to dessert. With a harmonious ambience, gastronomic quality and great implementation. We make events memorable!

Tradition with a creative twist

Exquisite cheese specialities with all the frills. Classic and playful varieties, served melted in a caquelon or in a tabletop oven so you can melt it yourself. Our name says it all. Cheese galore – presented with a good dose of craftsmanship. Chäs Atelier also offers you the perfect accompaniment in liquid form. Cold or hot. And then a worthy finale to round off a unique experience!


Iberian mood-setter

The new stars of folk festivals and fairs! Typically with a star-shaped cross section and fried fresh in hot oil. Then the elongated doughnuts are sprinkled with sugar and, if desired, finished off with chocolate sauce. Originally from the Iberian peninsula and known throughout Latin America, in the South West of the USA and in the Philippines. We now offer these spontaneous, trendy pastries for a sweet treat at every party!

The variety of a true classic

The sausage is the great secret of passionate butchers. And it is considered by many as the crowning achievement of the butcher’s trade. The recipe is enough to make your taste buds dance. Sausage lovers get their money’s worth at Haus zur Wurst – from the traditionalist and the cosmopolitan connoisseur to the daring explorer. For the first, a beer is a must, and the other two prefer to toast with a glass of white wine.

Inspiration and finesse aplenty

This is no typical street food – these hot dogs have style. Jay knows his way around New York, and is also familiar with Danish and vegetarian cuisine. With fried onions, sauerkraut, the works or perhaps a different variety? Your wish is Jay’s command. The cool counterpart to hot dogs are refreshing urban drinks. Their ingredients change with the season, trends and guests’ preferences. Perfect for every taste.

Clear and magical like the northern lights

This is Scandinavian culture that passes every elk test. Become better acquainted with lussekatts or glögg and forget about the polar region. Here we will warm your heart. A wintry menu with lovingly styled products and a wonderful design invite you to take a cruise to the far north. Picture a Viking helmet – we will set sail and take you to the land of trolls and reindeer where the forests are endless and A Midsummer Night’s Dream comes true.

Variety is the spice of life

The small country of Switzerland and its huge variety of cheese specialities: we get the best from sworn local dairies. Every region has its classic raclette varieties – and your appetite sets the menu. Bread, potatoes and side dishes are not just casually dished up, but carefully selected from regional providers for you. We pair these with Swiss white wine or hot tea, as you prefer.

The home of the secret recipe

And who invented it? The Dani, of course! Dani’s Cabins Jack is the absolute burner among soul warmers on cold days. A hot bourbon with a solid whiskey base – that much can be said. In Dani’s Hut we have Hut Jack, and then the fruity apple punch. Everybody is welcome there, no matter if they arrive in hut finches, stilettos, hiking boots or boots. Everyone feels immediately at home – and as if between alpine blessing and blue flowering gentian!

It’s so delicious that you would like start to yodel

With mischievous pleasure, Ueli gives the lowlanders a few lessons in Alpine culture and gastronomy. In his Alp-Träff he serves hearty Älplermagronen, applesauce like from Grosi and of course the matching drinks. For example Kafi with or without Güggs. The heart yodels and the palate shouts. Uelis Alp-Träff provides a down-to-earth high spirits. The peak of the sympathetic Swissness!